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BEST Co. website & branding

Website created with focus on easy navigation for service booking with payment getaway & optimized for search engines
Best Co Website Design

Website design

Branding – logo, colors, font, business card design


BEST Co. is a massage company that specializes in providing on-location massage services.

Their web design and branding focuses on creating a user-friendly and informative website that promotes their services and effectively communicates their unique value proposition to potential customers.

The website features a modern and professional design, with a clear and concise message that emphasizes the convenience and flexibility of their on-location massage services. The branding aspect of their website is centered around a calming and soothing color palette, with a logo that evokes a sense of relaxation and well-being. Overall, BEST Co.’s massage on location web design and branding is designed to create a strong brand identity and foster trust and confidence among potential customers.

Website created starting from a graphic layout that enhances the easy way of placing a booking. Some pages have included extending  explanation about the service to communicate effectively. An SEO intervention aimed at optimizing for search engines was carried out on the website.
Finally, the site was integrated with a membership tool and with payment getaway.

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